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Forum for Ski Industry Development under the Report of 20 Years' Development of Yabuli Ski Resort

the Inauguration of HLJ Institute of Ice & Snow Industries,

the Forum for Ski Industry Development under the Report of 20 Years' Development of Yabuli Ski Resort, and Enriched Experience of the Newly Improved Yabuli Ski Slopes Connected by 3 Mountains

24th~25th Jan. 2015

General DirectorWei Diansheng

Executive General Director: Wang Jingxian   

Executive Deputy General DirectorsLiu Zhongjiang, Zhou Yiyun, Han Gang,

Jiang Daojun,Zhang Jianli, Zhang Guihai

Propaganda Coordinators: Wu Hongjie, Zhang Jianli, Dong Fangyu

Accommodation Coordinators: Liu Zhongliang, Jiang Daojun, Zhang Guihai

Ski Spot Coordinators: Zhang Wenbin, Zhuang Dongfeng,

Chen Changpeng, TanYunsong

Meeting ArrangementDa Yanli, Tang Yunsong, Ding Weihuo,

Li Juan, Zhang Gang

Reception Coordinators: Li Chunwei, Zhang Guihai, Fu Qiang

Reception Coordinators: Wang Jingxian, Liu Zhongliang

23rd Jan., On-site stuff goes to Yabuli and start to work

Coordinators: Jiang Daojun,Tang Yunsong, Ding Weiguo, etc.

24th Jan.

715  Meeting in front of the main building of Forest Industry Bureau

       Responsible stuff: Fu Qiang, Fu Yongming, etc.

730  Drive for Yabuli together

1100 Arrive at Yabuli Ski Resort, registration, check-in for accommodation

      (Responsible stuff: Fu Yongming, Wang Shuang, Ma Sutong, etc.)

1130 Lunch at the appointed hall by Yabuli Administration Committee

      (Responsible stuff: Liu Zhongliang, Zhang Guihai, etc.)

1330 Opening ceremony of the enriched experience on the connected slopes in 

       Yabuli Ski Resort and and Yabuli Sun Mountain China Resort Co. Ltd. (Responsible stuff: Liu Zhongliang, Zhang Guihai, Zhuang Dongfeng, Chen Changpeng, Liu Kun, Tang Yunsong, etc.)    

1400  Sightseeing in the upgraded resorts

        Experiencing the Connected Slopes

1700  Collecting the questionnaires done by skiers about their experiences

        (Responsible stuff: Fu Yongming, Ma Sutong, Wang Shuang, etc.)

1830  Reception dinner and lottery

(Responsible stuff: Li Chunwei, Zhang Jianli, Qi Xin)

2000~ 2100 Road of ice & snow industries, presentations by entrepreneurs

25th Jan.

7:00~8:00  Breakfast

8:30  Opening ceremony

Location: International conference hall of provincial broadcast centre

Host: Yin Dong, DJ of HLJ People’s Radio

-Opening speech: Chair of HLJ Yabuli Administration Committee

and other provincial leaders

-Opening ceremony of Yabuli Scientific Base of the Institute

-Report by Zhang Guihai about the Institute

-Speech by the Chair of Yabuli Administration Committee

-Key Note Speech by the Chair of HLJ Scientific Advisory Committee

-New Positions, Brilliant Future” Talents Recruitment by Yabuli Administration Committee

-Speeches of congratulations by guests

-Signing ceremony of cooperation between Yabuli Administration Committee and colleges

-Issuing certificates and award cups for the deserved

9:30  End of Opening Ceremony

9:309:40 Break

9:40  Forum of  Yabuli Ski Industry Development for 20 years

Ski – Fashion - Future

Hosts: Wang Jingxian, Han Gang, Zhou Yiyun,

Zhang Guihai, Tan Yunsong


1. Han Gang, the retrospect and prospect of Yabuli ski resorts development during the passed 20 years

2. Wei Qinghua, Promoting Chinese winter sports by biding for Olympic games

3. Ian Jenkins, Comparison of Yabuli and Whistler ski resort

4. Ma Chunye, skiing vacation patterns in Changbai mountains

5. Paul, Technical analysis of connecting three mountains in Yabuli

6. Wu Bin, Wanda’s development strategy of investing ski culture

7. Zhang Kaizhao, the Integrated Development of Sports Leisure and Economical Patterns of Clubs

8. Zhou Yiyun, Developing functions of sports in Yabuli ski resorts

9. Jian Feng, Dry snow and four-season management of ski resorts

10. Jiang Daojun, Innovation of ski industry on the basis of the internet

11. Emmanuel Delarue, Popularization of Vendez Vous Patterns in Snowland

12. Li Zhenwu, Market analysis of high-end clients’ skiing vacation

13. Yu Yanan, Development and Management of the Original Placeof Moden Ski

14. Du Gang, Winter camp and children skiing

15. Zhang Guihai, Trial Study of Training Talents for Ski Industry

12:30 Declaration of Yabuli Ski Forum

—— The end.

12: 45~13:45  Lunch(Buffet Dinner)

1500 Return to Harbin by bus

Producer: Cheng Yongchang, Li Bing, Wang Jingxian, Zhao Jihui, Tang Yunsong,Zhang Guihai

Planning OrganizationHLJ Yabuli Ski Resorts Administration Committee

    HLJ Provincial Institute of Ice & Snow Industries

Meeting Arrangement: Golden North Advertisement Decoration Co., Ltd.
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