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On the evaluation of the role of the snow field

Skiing is not Arena


These two days, online spread two videos, respectively is the Hebei

province Genting ski field, conflict picture about a "ski teaching"

venues within the Wanlong ski resort in. Because it is part of both

sides is scene, uncompromising, not good to comment.


This morning the phone Song Zong contacted competent ski school

ski Genting, were interviewed about the video, as follows:


Institute: Song total, hello! I am snow Industry Research Institute

of Heilongjiang Province, Zhang Guihai teacher.


Song total: Miss Zhang, how are you!


Graduate School: a song total, this two day online communication

two videos, a section of which is the cloud top, the other segment

is Wanlong, do you also see? I want to check the Genting video.


Song total: Miss Zhang, Genting video is who hair I don't know,

but this video is in Genting occurred, is snow field security officer

found teach skiing to avoid the.


Institute: this situation much?


Song total: this situation occurred, the original snow field has not

paid much attention, one is the snow ski coaching staff is limited,

can not fully meet the needs of the field of snow skiers, had

acquiesced in this behavior, feel a little personal guidance, may

be more helpful to ski safety. But later found that this situation

is very chaotic, we ski school not outsourcing, snow field

components, is the coach of our staff, good management, but

others also teaches disorderly.


Institute: we check the situation, you know the details?


Song: I also do not know the specific circumstances, to ski the

person the teacher and the learner is what relation, relatives

and friends? Or the club peer inside, look inside each video.

We have in the field to prompt, but many people don't follow.


Institute: the aim of our investigation is to clarify the role

relation, consumer protection and the rights and interests of

snow field operators, is the protection of the sliding guide

member, school and snow field of interest.


Song total: Mr. Zhang, you should study this phenomenon in

a high level, in New Zealand when that happens, you will be

punished by law. Foreign investors mainly rely on the snow

ski tickets, tickets, tickets, accommodation cableway teaching

and real estate investment income to ensure. How to protect

the rights and interests of investors is very important.


Institute Director: song, you said the truth, not up, we know

that foreign ski is staged investment management, for example,

cableway cableway company investment, search the first

passenger fee collection, hotel accommodation, and our domestic

snow field is an investment, income is the basic field of snow snow

ticket, teaching fee, hotels, accommodation and other ancillary fees,

estate income seems remote, so preaching tuition should account

for a large proportion of.


Song total:


Institute: it is understood, ski Japan, Europe is not a school contracts,

but the domestic is a school bear.


Song total: that a snow field that many schools take snow field,

disadvantageous, Japan, French is so, so, Japan's ski atrophy.

I American in long time, American snow ski teaching business

better, we have to learn.


Institute: ah...


Song total: Miss Zhang, I have a meeting, have time to talk

about it.


Institute: Thank you, may disturb you.


The above is on the phone and Genting snow field after finishing

the content.


Heilongjiang province snow Industry Research Institute and the

Genting contact, and Wanlong snow field relation further

understanding of the situation, the phone after the reception

department to the marketing department, the phone agreed to

contact, and we will report to the leadership after this, and we

also had the Wanlong International Department Mr. Gu Maolin

contact, he is the airport, no more the exact understanding of

video thing.


In view of the above two videos, we think it is relevant personnel

at the scene to the Internet, objectively records the whole process.

The reason of conflict is "teach skiing field". Who teach skiing? Or

is not snow field within the specified sliding guide member or

coach can teach skiing?


The ski business in China is mainly earnings by what way? The first

is the sale of ski tickets; second is the rental of ski teaching; third

is the snow entertainment expense; fourth is the accommodation;

fifth is the other auxiliary consumption (including the sale of

equipment, food and other commodities); sixth is the tourism real

estate. But at present, tourism real estate is not optimistic, nor to

ski and the "home" stage. Therefore, the snow field depends on

operation snow element. How to manage the snow snow field

elements? Is mainly to ski, play snow, snow skiing, which the

church that can be sustained and may charge the consumer culture,

"Tuition", should be both near and far, then who is going to teach

skiing is the main problem. It is understood that our country mostly

snow ski school is outsourcing, how to use the school in each of the

signing of the contract, a contract is a fixed number, two of their

contract, either way, from all the money the skier. For skiers, must

be good service, high technology, people's sense of security to teach.

Ski school is the result of the determination and the training of

personnel, should be the first choice, but there are also some other

people want to teach skiing, between relatives such as between

friends, between new and old members of the club, or, they often

learn from each other to learn to ski. Of course, there are also some

over-the-counter ski school or personal, even some tourism team tour

guide also guide slide. We commonly known as the wild slide guide

member, contact manager. In this way, we divided the cake, it

appeared the conflicts of interest, it is inevitable to each other

"struggle", expelled, stop, hide and seek, "fake party" phenomenon

occurred, there family skiing, ski snow field should not be banned

friendship. The for-profit skiing teaching, should be warned to stop,

because it dug corner behavior, is not conducive to the ski resort, is

not conducive to the consumer. But the way to avoid hope civilization,

rational. Conform to the laws of some. The two video is what kind of

situation is uncertain, hope insider and contact us.


Skiing is chaos, hinder the development of the market, investors

enthusiasm, sacrifice a consumer safety, therefore, we hope this as a

warning, formulate measures and rules all the recognition is more important.

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