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Privacy protection

Snow Heilongjiang Industrial Research Institute website

(http://heartbeatsbook.com/ hereinafter referred to as the site)

privacy statement, this reputation for you and the website

interaction behavior and your registration and use of this

website online service. It is hereby that this website to take

on the user's personal information collection, use and

protection policy, please be sure to carefully read.


The users of non personal information


Where the website issued a related news, information,

articles, videos, pictures and other content, the majority

of users can be self browse forward, but not other name

used to their own website or other commercial publicity,

if any violations, and shall correct the responsibility.


Personal data


This website is about some personal information content

than Xu theft and imitation.


This web site privacy statement changes and update the

right to belong to the "website snow Industry Institute

of Heilongjiang province".

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